Yorito Morimiya loves taking pictures of the sky so much that one day, he wakes up at 4 am to take pictures of the sunrise overlooking the bay. However, he is deterred when he meets a strange girl trying to force a vending machine that stole her money. Yorito helps her with forcing the machine but when the machine finally vends, the girl has mysteriouslly vanished.

English Cast


Yorito is played by BallisticJustuX of Youtube.

Yorito is the main protagonist of Sola. He enjoys taking photographs of the sky and will go out of his way to do so. He meets Matsuri Shihou early on in the story and finds out she is not human and is being chased by a man—Takeshi Tsujidou—who intends to kill her. Yorito tries to protect her by asking her to stay at his house. Yorito has an older sister named Aono who at the beginning of the story is in the hospital. Yorito visits her with Mana everyday and he brings her a new doll from a strange store that sells oddly designed dolls. Yorito is in fact a paper construct made by Aono, implanted with the memories of and designed after the image of the original Yorito, who died in the past.

Matsuri & Aono

Matsuri and Aono are both played by Animegrl5819 (Rinetto) of Youtube.

Matsuri is a strange girl Yorito meets early on in the story. She is a "Calamity of the Night" (夜の禍 ,Yoru no Wazawai?), otherwise known as a Yaka, and has lived for hundreds of years. She cannot come in contact with direct sunlight as it harms her. Matsuri is fascinated by Yorito's photographes. She has never seen a blue sky, only a deeply cloudy daytime sky or the nighttime sky. She has a particular fixed memory of seeing a moonlit sky from some sort of well or hole in the ground. Matsuri does not have much common sense and will often break machines in Yorito's house after kicking them too hard; she believes that any device can be fixed by kicking it. She has extreme fondness for tomato juice. Her ability is the power to make an object rapidly decay and transform those who have died into Yaka.

Aono is Yorito's older sister who has been sickly ever since she was born and is hospitalized at the beginning of the story. She has a cold personality, showing very little emotion but still is visibly annoyed at Yorito for how much he seems to ignore her to do other things. Every time Yorito brings her a new doll, she takes one look at it and throws it in a nearby basket filled with other dolls. However, she does not hate them and even has one which is her favorite — the first one Yorito brought her. She enjoys making origami and is friends with Koyori. Aono is a Yaka — she was transformed into one by Matsuri when she tried to commit suicide after the Yorito from her time was killed. She has the power to control paper.

Mana & Koyori

Mana and Koyori are both played by Sorounichi (SoRo) of Youtube.

Mana is Yorito's friend from school; she often gets annoyed at Yorito for how he spends so much time taking photographs of the sky instead of spending more time with his sister. Mana works as a waitress at the Azur Restaurant and often comes over to Yorito's house to cook for him. She looks after her younger sister Koyori. She also knows about Matsuri's secret. She eventually takes up Yorito's hobby of taking pictures of clouds in the early morning, although she has no more memories of him.

Koyori is Mana's little sister who, at the beginning of the story, is staying in the same hospital as Aono, but is soon discharged. Whenever she calls Mana by her given name instead of referring to her as her big sister, Mana strikes her head. Koyori tries to keep Aono company whenever she can and they become good friends over the time Koyori spends in the hospital. Aono also teaches her how to make origami. Koyori is very polite to others even when not required to do so.

Mayuko & Takeshi

Mayuko is played by TsubasaAkiraStudios (Sakura) of Youtube. Takeshi currently does not have a voice actor.

Mayuko is a young girl with distinctive attire who follows Takeshi; she is also a Yaka. Whenever Takeshi finds her, it is at night when she is sleeping in a cardboard box which changes location around the city. Mayuko has a pompous personality and will not hesitate to talk bad of Takeshi around others, but she worries about Takeshi a lot. She became a Yaka many years before the story began when she was killed during a house robbery, and has stayed with Takeshi ever since.

Takeshi is an older man who is trying to track down Matsuri. When fighting her, he wields a large sword unaffected by Yaka powers with the intention of killing Matsuri and uses ultraviolet lamps to try to immobilize her. His intention to kill her is due to a promise to turn Mayuko back into a human, and if he succeeds then Matsuri's sacrifice will restore Mayuko back to normal.


Sae is played by isearchforfullmoons (Alyssa) of Youtube.

Sae is Mana's friend and classmate. She works in the same restaurant as Mana and instantly was attracted to Takeshi when he first started coming to their restaurant due to his goatee. She also works at a convenience store. Sae loves to gossip and often talks to the point where she is ignored by her friends.

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